Our history

Une histoire, une passion

In 1993, at the age of 12, Xavier Rennotte acquired his first hives. A decade later, his passion for beekeeping was as strong as ever. Over the years, and thanks to his experience, this passion evolved into a deep-seated desire to create and launch a professional business. So, in 2003, he launched the Nectar & Co.

In 2009, with the support of his wife and father, he founded his own cooperative.

Today, Nectar & Co is engaged in the production, processing and distribution of a wide range of products from the hive. These products come both from their own production and from carefully selected, ethical imports from renowned European beekeepers.

Nectar & Co, une expérience

With a dozen apiaries in the Brussels and Wallonia, Nectar & Co has its own source of beekeeping production, representing the company's origins.

Over the years, the company has also established fruitful partnerships and exchanges with other European beekeepers. This collaboration between producers committed to organic and sustainable beekeeping has enabled us to offer the Belgian market a range of honeys that are truly unique in terms of flavor, floral diversity and texture, reflecting Belgian know-how.

More recently, Nectar & Co has developed innovative fermentation methods for mead production, a significant advance in the field. Drawing on teachings handed down over the centuries by numerous enthusiasts, today's technologies make it possible to create "Grands Vins de Miel", preserving the aromas of the nectars foraged by bees, thanks to a complex, additive-free process.

Although Nectar & Co has drawn on expertise from the world of beer and wine, its mead philosophy remains true to its original roots.